Prime Cacao

Prime Cacao is the umbrella entity that shelters both Vale Potumuju Cacao and Baianí Chocolates.
It represents the two specialty companies and sells their products outside Brazil.

Vale Potumuju was created in 2013 as a Craft Quality Cacao Origin located in the State of Bahia's Mata Atlântica, one of the Rain Forests with the largest biodiversity on the planet. The Cacao trees are cultivated at our orchards under the shade of many native hardwood and tropical fruit trees, creating unique terroirs. We provide the best quality cacao to many Brazilian and international Bean to Bar makers as well as to our own Tree to Bar Brand Baianí Chocolates.

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Founded in April 2018, Baianí Chocolates, a Tree to Bar brand, was created as a consequence of the need to test the quality improvement of beans from Vale Potumuju, the cacao origin that belongs to the founders Tuta and Juliana Aquino. The tests led to a passion for making chocolate in the Bean to Bar process, so the brand was born specializing in dark chocolate and inclusion bars that showcase their origins’ sensory values as well as the local flavors in their inclusion bars.

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